Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sea perch: The king of the stock

Here it is, Mister Sea Perch.
He is ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside.
It costs less than 5 NZD per Kilo and it's the king of the stock.
You cannot find it everyday but yesterday he was there, waiting for me at the Seamarket shop, I couldn't resist its look, I bought two of them.
Once at home, I washed them, cut the head, and separated the bones. I put the fillets on the fridge for dinner and used the rest of it for a fabulous "Caldo" or fish stock.
You might be scared of cleaning a fish, but, believe me, it's easy, you just need a bit of time and maybe a good pair of fish gloves, that's all.
Ok, now let's make our tasty "Caldo" or fish stock, vamos!

1Kg Fish bones and head
1 Glass of White Wine or Brandy

1/2 Onion (Diced)
1/2 Stalk of Celery (Sliced)
1 Carrot (Sliced)
1/2 Leek (Diced)
3 Bay leaves
A bit of Parsley
Black Peppercorns
Some Dill

Place all the ingredients in a pot with 5 litres of water and bring to boiling point on a high fire, taking off the scum in the meantime.
Then pour a glass of cold water and bring to boiling point again, keep it like that for 30 min.
Now you have to strain the stock by using a fine mesh strainer, you can also place a fine cotton cloth inside the strainer.
Bueno, the "caldo" is ready.
I am going to use it in a "Sopa de marisco" or fish soup, that will be my next post.
I can't wait!

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