Saturday, 22 May 2010

"Estofado de Jabalí" Wild Pork Stew

Hi, I've just noticed that this is the first recipe with meat I've published... Jamón doesn't count I suppose... well, I had some meat in the fridge and I needed an extra amount of protein and iron for my "Filming and Auditioning weekend workshop" with my acting teacher, Barbara. She is teaching me how to be an actor without acting... Sounds weird, but works.
Ok, focus, talk about food.

You need:
1 Big Onion Chopped
Half head of garlic
500g Wild Pork
3 Bay leafs
1 Teaspoon Black Peppercorns
1 Glass of White Wine
1/4 Glass of Wine Vinegar
1/2 Glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to taste
1 Teaspoon or Square of Dark Chocolate 

This stew usually takes hours to cook but I didn't have much time so I've used my pressure cooker.
Put the onion in the pot as a bed.
Place the meat on top as well as the garlic, bay leafs, and peppercorns.
Pour the wine,the vinegar and the Olive Oil.
Salt to taste.
Close the lid, bring to pressure and cook for 20min.(You may need to look the instructions of you pressure cooker for the right time, unless you have a Fagor Pressure Cooker)
Reduce Pressure and remove the lid.
Add the dark chocolate and simmer for a few minutes, uncovered, until the liquid evaporates.
I added some cube fries, deep fried in EVO Oil.


  1. Yes... act without acting. And that's what you did this weekend. Well done. Now try to cook without cooking!

  2. Ha! That would be interesting, cook without cooking... Thanks Barbara, you're a great teacher!